Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Seasons greetings to one and all!  I hope that you have an enjoyable festive season, and that Santa (if he visits your house) is kind to you.

My sewing this week was another fused snowflake tree - just a little one this time, the hanging is 24" tall.  The last of my die cut snow flakes, put to use to make a seasonal leaving gift for one of the teachers from the girls school.

Can you see how these chicks have come on?  They are about four times the size that they were, with feathers coming out all over and the start of little combs too.  The speed of growth has been quite surprising!

They are cheeky little things, very curious (although not very happy about having a camera thrust at them, as you can see!).

They all have names now.  From left to right they are: Earth, Stripes, Cheese and Peckit.

I'm off downstairs to tell them all about Christmas and to apologise for the Christmas tunes which they are about to share as I start peeling potatoes. 

Happy Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas to you all. I have copied (or rather plan o copy) your snowflake tree - I've ordered 100 odd snowflake buttons from eBay. I'm going much smaller scale!


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