Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A little bit Christmassy

 A few Christmassy star hangings.  Not the project that I'd hoped to complete, but I realised that I'd reached that 'finished is less than perfect' point, and that if I was going to get anything in the post I'd have to stop prevaricating and get making, in the limited time that I have!

This year I'm taking part in a 'Journal Your Christmas' project by Shimelle Laine.  It's fun, and I thought that it might make me feel a bit more Christmassy, but I'm not sure that it has yet.  One great suggestion was that with a week to go until 'the big day' that we declared a 'Christmas Amnesty' (my interpretation is that you should write the big list of everything that you want / plan to do, then reduce it by 2/3rds, knowing that you'd be able to do all the stuff that didn't happen this Christmas at next Christmas instead, and that this Christmas would be more relaxing if you weren't exhausted by doing stuff that wasn't essential.  Great plan!  I mentally made my list, and realised that if I just finished some stuff life would feel better - I'd already pared it down pretty much to the minimum! 

I'm happy to say that it seems to be working, and a day and half of getting items ticked off the list has worked well.

Of course, some people may not consider sewing decorations, finishing this years TAST stiches or making a small hanging for a teacher who is leaving essential, but then they aren't me, and I am!

I've managed all 48 stitches of the TAST project this year, and I'm quite chuffed that I've managed it before the year's end.  I'm not at all sure that I'll be joining in again next year, although I will be stopping by Sharon's blog to see what other people get up to!


  1. Thank you for my star, it's on the tree, and well done with the list!

  2. Never heard of TAST but I sure want to know more. I have just started to embroider this year and want some help.
    They all look great.


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