Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Still making progress


I can't lie.  My handsewing still doesn't look how I'd like it to.  However, I am just about up to date with my TAST pages, which is cause for a little celebration!  As well as adding the final stitch to this page, at the weekend I managed the next six stitches on the next one of my pages too.

I've also (after trying just one beaded stitch) ordered a book about beaded embroidery stitches which looks lovely, even though I'm not sure that it's easy to find beads that are small but that have holes in big enough to fit needle and sewing thread through.....I'm hoping that the book will help guide me through the right choices!

Not much other sewing so far this week, but I'm hoping to settle down to some machine sewing later, now that I've ticked some other chores off the list for this week.

Finally, my bloggy friend Sarah, who is doing the same C&G course as me, has just set up a new Facebook page - Quilt Candy -  and is starting to showcase her lovely work.  Why not drop by and take a look and a like?

Hope that you are finding some pre-Halloween crafting time too!


  1. Hi Plum, thank you so much for the shout out, it's so kind of you, I really appreciate it x And as for your embroidery, it looks lovely. That book sounds interesting though, you can never have too many sewing books in my option!

  2. I like your embroidery sampler--looks just fine to me. Try Robin Atkins beading books--especially "Beading for the Soul"--really lovely and full of good instructions, too. I am starting a little secret project from it... Julierose

  3. hiya, I am jealous now, never managed to keep up with tast,dont know how you fit it all in, keep up the great work....

  4. Well done for getting up to date ith the stitches, they look great. When I was about the girls's age I made beaded bracelets, with people's names on, I'd fotgotton about those, I wonder if I still had the loom? Anyway, that memory came back from thinking about the needle - ling and very fine but it went through seed beads with no problems


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