Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Stich and burn

Not much stitching at all this week (but we have nearly put all the things that belong in the Living Room back into the Living Room, which feels like an achievement)

I'm trying to work out whether I can use the stitch and burn idea used to make this postcard to make a more complex image.  My cousin John takes fabulous photos of birds, including some wonderful bright yellow warblers, and I'm wondering whether or not I could use yellow, white and brown voile layered and burnt away from stitching to try and re-create one of his pictures to make an image to go onto a cushion cover......  I might just have to give it a shot next week.

Planning some scrap booking, then hand stitching and maybe a little paper and pencil work for the rest of the week, so that I can try and catch up my TAST stitches again, and start on my Mod 6 design stuff.

Hope that you are having fun crafting or sewing!

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  1. Is ths like the green on your map? Great effect! Hope the house feels like home again!


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