Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fun with FMQ

Not much time for sewing this week - its half term so I'm busy being a mum.  So far I've only grabbed 20 minutes to machine doodle this FMQ sample block as part of my C&G samples.

I have to say that for the second week in a row Blogger has played fast and loose with my photo - this sample is all white and doesn't have interesting colour overlays.....although perhaps that would be a good idea!

My biggest challenge on this was to get the last stitches in each block to lead me to the corner ready to move onto the next design.  I realise that if I'd stitched the grid in purple I'd have been able to overstitch from any point on the edge of the block which is something to consider for the next ones, perhaps!
Happy halloween!


  1. LOl, and there was me thinking what great fabric you use! Well done for finishing in the right places, lovely bits of FMQ. Enjoy half term :-) x

  2. This looks great, and the purple stripe actually looks really good! I love the stars one and the top right one. It won't be long till it's my turn to do this. I'm feeling nervous but it will be fun to learn new skills :-)

  3. I love your FMQ sample. The photo has given me ideas for overlaying sheers on top of FMQ!!

  4. Really? I thought the overlay was a brilliant bit of design.

  5. Computers drive me insane but I must admit the fabric overlay does look good (even if it is white in real life) - nice machine stitching though.


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