Friday, 7 September 2012

Mind the Gap!

 Can you see the iconic London Underground logo?  Almost?  Please say that you can - squint if necessary!

This small sample (just over 6" almost square) must have taken me about 8 hours to make.  Each yo-yo (or Suffolk puff, if you are being posh) was drawn up around a 1p piece, so they finished quite small.

It was interesting. It was slightly too repetitive. I won't have to make another sample like this for my C&G course.  I'm pleased that I've done it once!

Far quicker, on a relative scale, was this, the second of the kitchen bench cover-up quilts (thrown over the kitchen arm chair for this photo). As I'd make the top at the same time as the first one I just had the quilting to do.

Another tick on my 'to-do' list.  In the last month I've managed 5 ticks, 3 half-ticks (projects started or moved forward significantly) and 5 more items still to start, let alone finish - most of which I'd like finished by the end of the month.  Lucky that most of them are small projects, but not, I'm hoping, as time consuming as this weeks small project!


  1. Love the mind the gap logo plum, very clever.

  2. I love the Suffolk Puffs! They are on my 'to do' list for Module 5, along with a million other things required...I know what I am doing in my head, I just need to get on with it!! Love the quilt too, such beautiful colours. I don't know how you fit it all in!

  3. I love your tiny yo-yo's. I recognised the logo straight away!

  4. I love the Suffolk Puffs but what a lot of fiddly work Plum. I can see the logo easily :-)

  5. To be fair, first I saw polo mints, and was confused by the red and blue ones, but as oon as I saw they were yoyos (I am viewing on an iPad!) I saw the tube sign! Gosh that was a lot of work!


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