Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Happy Quilting!

Another quilt 'Angelika-ed' - do you recognise the patched strips from the kitchen bench throws?  These are the trimmings from the first throw (and yes, I did know that I was making it oversized, but that was the easiest way to construct the blocks and put it together!).

I quilted feathers in all five rows, although the white quilting on the blue strips doesn't show in the photos. I was quite pleased with the feathers as I managed to stitch them without any pen or pencil guides at all, just a curved line for the spine marked with a Hera marker.  Fuss free, although I might want to mark the start and stops if the piece was more formal and I wanted to keep them the same length!

You can see the quilting a little more clearly here, although not the pretty variegated King Tut thread, which is very jolly.

Most of the rest of the week has been taken up with C&G design work (and putting together a 3d star book showing the samples of quilting and some quilt history).

I've done quite well for 'found' treasure, though.  Ribbon from new pyjamas for DD1, elastic cord from wellies for both girls, and,best of all, lovely twisted multicolour threads from my Abel and Cole veg box!  This was our first one, and if they give me lovely thread each week I can see that I will be even more likely to keep them going than if it was just the delicious veggies!


  1. Lovely feathers Plum, very sinuous.

  2. Fantastic feathers, very impressed with all your finds as well.

  3. ooh lovely treasure, good feathers as well

  4. So have you had a fun week researching the history of quilting? A 3D Star book sounds very interesting! Mine is just a spiral bound book, but it cost a fortune, so it does look smart, if very 2D. Are you enjoying the design work? I am very close to finishing my current quilt, so next week it's full steam ahead with C and G work and getting focused again. There's so much to do, as always isn't there!

  5. Love the feathers, despite Kandy's attempts all those years ago I never did really get the hang of FMQ


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