Sunday, 26 August 2012

Going Up in the World?

So if you ignore the fact that my laptop has been put centre stage (guessing that was DD1, judging by the glass of 'holiday treat Orangina' next to it), this gives you an idea of where I've been sitting to sew over the last week - a bigger space than I usually occupy, and less crowded, as although I pack a sewing machine and a crate of fabric and other necessities, I leave most of my sewing room safely at home!

What you can't see is that when I was sitting there (and I have to confess to preferring a less beautiful but more comfortable adjustable chair) I could look to my right and see the sea - how lovely was that?

I realise that having ME / CFS means that my holidays aren't like those of other people.  Sharing a holiday with my extended family means that my girls get to play on the beach and do all those holiday things that I can't easily do with them - and which are hard for my DH to do alone.  My role is to be there for them at the end of the day when they come home cold and tired, and other than that I am 'allowed' to stay in and sew or rest.  It still bugs me that I can't go out and join in - I want to be striding over moors, scrambling over rocks and loving the outdoors - but at least this way my girls get to do fun things, even if I'm pretty much housebound for the holiday.

Next time I'll have some photos of the sewing that I did, but as yet the quilt that I almost finished still needs binding, and I haven't taken any photos of my C&G sample blocks!

I hope that you are having a fun summer, whether sewing, crafting or just enjoying yourself some other way.


  1. shame your limited, but it still sounds like a good holiday, building memories for you all

  2. Looks like a pretty acceptable alternative sewing area! Don't beat yourself up about the things you don't do with the girls, you do far more with them than many mums do, and its you that gets them from school. Everyday, not a minder or a nanny!

  3. It's tough when you're not fit enough to keep up with the rest of your lively active family (arthritis in my feet limits me a lot of the time too so I can empathise) but how lovely that you found a nice spot to craft the time on your own away and then you can hear all about their experiences when they return - and I'm sure they spend special times with you that are different than but just as precious as those with other members of the family and friends


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