Saturday, 16 June 2012

Not so much sewing!

No sewing to show this week (the wall hanging that I worked on last week still isn't finished, as I've been recovering from half term / getting ready for DD2' birthday party) but I did use some of my sitting down time to actually finish my current C&G module.

This photo is the last bit of an exercise where I'd taken a small section of a photo (in this case where the roof and two walls of a slate hut met), make a paper study of it, then cut up the paper study and do a little something extra with it.  I cut along the lines of the architecture, then added 'fastening strips' between the sections.  Fun to make, but I don't know how I can easily store it without either taking up lots of space or squashing folds into the fasteners.  Oh well, it can have a couple of days of glory on my work table before being consigned to the flattened reality of shelf-living!


  1. Hi Plum, this is a very arresting image. Lots o explore further.

  2. Lovely, I think the colours and the joining strips are fab

  3. Good luck with the City and Guilds. Are you distance learning? I have just completed my Diploma with the Kemshalls. Angela


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