Sunday, 24 June 2012

More cake!

That's it!  The last birthday cake that I shall make until March 2013!  DD2 was pleased with her honey pot cake on Thursday, and for once I managed to exceed her expectations.  She says that she guessed that her real birthday cake would be a honey pot design, but she thought that it would be a picture on an ordinary cake.......  Always nice to make small (or not so small, she's now seven, crikey!) children happy.

Now a bit more voucher counting for school, a little papercrafting (I've become slightly book making obsessed and want to finish the two that I've been making today for the girls, using spare photos from a couple of years ago), and then I'll be back to sewing again.

Hope that you are having a fun crafty time too!


  1. Oh it's lovely! I made a very pedestrian Malteser cake but the birthday girl seemed to like it.

  2. What a cake Plum, I can see why she was pleased.

  3. Ah this is fabulous! How did you creat the shape of the honey pot? Is it two cakes put together? Sounds like you had a very productive weekend x

  4. Wow, your cake making skills are amazing. No wonder she was liked it!!


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