Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cake Engineering

I am thinking that it's not really cake engineering, but icing engineering.  I also think that I will never be a Brunel in the engineering world ;-( 

The cake was a basic rectangle with one cut (and a lot of icing to cover it!), but the bridge was more of a challenge, and was nearly as over-sized as the tree, which you can just spot toppling out of the photo!  I bought the characters for DD2's birthday party cake, and could have used Playmobil trees and a bridge, but decided to try and make my own.  As a Winnie the Pooh cake I thought that it hit the mark.

DD2 (who was temporarily known as Tigger) seemed pleased with it, and pleased with the shot glasses of condensed milk (Pooh's favourite snack, for those who have forgotten childhood adventures with the AA Milne character) that we passed around during the party tea.  Hard to believe that my littlest one will be seven this week!

I'm sure that it won't be a surprise that I don't have any sewing to show again, although I have started hand sewing another little book - this time made from used colour catchers, and it will have some wadding to stiffen it slightly once the hand stitching is finished. 

Happy crafting, everyone!


  1. What a gorgeous cake, so impressive, I bet your daughter loved it. I am embarking on some cake making in a couple of weeks, it could go either way!

  2. It's just gorgeous, I am very impressed! It looks like a very lovely party tea, bet she loved it.

  3. My most successful birthday cake for my son was a mistake. I had intended a sculpture and baked it in a pudding basin but it collapsed. He wanted purple icing so it got covered in purple icing a flag put on the top and lots of lego men climbing all over the purple moutain. His guests loved it.

  4. What a great idea, hope Tigger had a great birthday


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