Thursday, 7 June 2012

Book and bits and bobs

 Inspired by this post by Tina Rose, I doubled up some ordinary Vilene and made a little book as the final piece for my current C&G module.  The module has had two aspects - texture and landscape.  I decided that my little display book should be quite simple, but take a journey from bright / shiny / smooth (the front cover under the rippled silver is a smooth silver foil sheet)
 to dark / matt / rough.  I used heat textured food packaging (and hot glued on dragees), frayed cotton, printing (my own stamps, supposed to be gulls and limpets), decorated papers and applied threads, stencilling (my take on an Andy Goldsworthy rain shadow) before finishing with seaweed and an urchin made from old school tights and some heat textured postal packaging.  I'm quite chuffed with it as a representation of some of the things that I'd been playing with in my sketchbook.
 There has been a little bit of sewing - mostly sample blocks.  This is homemade bias binding which actually gave a much lighter and more modern look to the heart shape than I was expecting.  Perhaps the bias was narrower than I thought that I could make!
 Here is a paper study from a photo of a flower bed. Again using home decorated paper, and this time using different weights of paper curls as well as a 'push up' tree.
Finally the little 'rain shadow' men in my garden.  I didn't manage to make one of myself, but thought that it would be fun to make paper doll ones instead.  If you are interested and want to know what I'm referring to, do an image search on 'Andy Goldsworthy rain shadow' and you'll understand. Completely temporary art, recorded only with a camera - and something that makes me smile whenever I think of it.

Whether you are sewing, crafting or just storing up ideas, I hope that you are having fun this week.


  1. The rain shadow men are exactly the type of thing to appeal to my children - we shall have to try them out!

  2. Hi Plum, lovely work here, especially the rain shadows.

  3. What a great way o show all the methods, and the rain paper dolls looks a much better idea than making the kids lay down in the rain

  4. woo hoo!!!!!I FEEL LIKE A PROUD MOTHER my books are having babies, FANTASTIC- yours are much neater than mine-I stick the backs down with gell mediun- my friend uses double sided tape it aLL works I will keep following you.....tina


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