Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another small quilt

I 'angelika-ed ' all the scraps from my log cabin wall hanging (backed, basted, not yet quilted) to ,ake this little cot quilt.  I really wish that I'd run a strip of white between the six blocks and the outer blue border pieces, but it's all finished now, so too late to worry about it! 

When I am making these little quilts with the scraps I'm dealing much more with trying to use the bits that I've got left / cut than I am thinking about the design, and perhaps I should be trying to do both.  Still, at approx 24" x 36" it's enough to keep a baby cosy (or clean - I always used small quilts under my DD's when they were babies - it either kept clean floors clean if my girl was a bit grubby or dribbly, or kept my girls away from floors that I thought were too dirty to want them rolling around on!).  Mind you, when the girls were older they were also taught that the quilt could be their space - whenever I went to my cranial osteopath (and that's at least once every three weeks, sometimes more frequently) she was charmed that from a very early age the girls knew to stay on the quilt.  They could read, play, snack, whatever they liked - so long as they stayed on the quilt.  Hard for DD1 who has a roaming instinct and an interest in everything, but acceptable as a working rule for all of us!

Enough of the reminiscing.  Time to actually start quilting that log cabin, perhaps!


  1. How funny, I used quilts for the same reasons when mine were little, but I didn't get them trained to stick to it - I have recently managed some success with the cats, but never the girls!!

  2. This little quilt is gorgeous and the recipient will be so pleased. You are still producing more than me. I get distracted too easily.


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