Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More real sewing

Clearly there is something else going on here.  How can I be this productive?  Two more finishes in a week!  Perhaps it's all displacement activity, as I had hoped to perhaps finish my current C&G module before school broke up for half-term on Friday - and now that I've looked again at what I still need to do, I can't see how that will happen, or, indeed, why I ever thought it might be possible!
So, the three fusible blocks from Bunny Hill's block of the month (2011), plus three tiny blocks rejected from another 2011 project which I 'upsized' by adding deep borders, put together with some scrappy sashing, and another Project Linus quilt is created.

And I decided to 'Angelika' (can I turn this into a new verb?) the remaining bits and bobs that were mostly pre-cut (from when I thought that I was going to make more progress on the BOM than I actually did) to produce this little scrap quilt (approx 24" x 36").  I decided just to whizz it up, paying no heed to the fact that the large printed block wasn't quite as large and the other five pieced blocks, and without worrying about where cuts came in the random-ish square that were sewn into strips for the border and some of the blocks.  It was fun, it was fast, and it got another set of small pieces made into a quilt - what a result!  The batting was also pieced from many smaller offcuts, a very scrappy quilt!

In addition to this I had fun playing with making fun foam stamps for backgrounds for ATCs with some of my gal pals.  I'll try and remember a photo or two of them next post, as there were some great ideas - and great execution too, making mine look quite mundane!

Onwards and upwards!  Back to paper collaging and a little hand sewing again for the moment.
Happy crafting everyone!


  1. Wonderful!! You are really up to some lovely sewing!

  2. Ah, beautiful quilts! I am like that with the C and G...'oh only x and y to go, I'll be done by Friday' and then 2 weeks later I am still finishing off loose ends and tweaking my outcomes and evaluation! Good luck, I hope you get it finished soon!

  3. glad to see your having fun....

  4. Lovely random piecing, I'm sure they will be much loved!


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