Thursday, 22 March 2012

A rose would smell (nearly) as sweet.....

......but wouldn't come in a cute handbag sized 'roll on' perfume bottle! 

These items are the result of a crafty night in with three of my girl friends - a small bottle of perfume each (bottles courtesy of eBay - what would I do without it?) and a brooch.

 I recently saw an easy recipe for perfume, and this quantity is about right for the 6ml bottles that I bought: 12ish drops of essential oils (choose your favourites or create an exciting new blend) and a teaspoon of vodka (or in my case water - who knew that ME would have so many odd side effects? intolerance of alcohol is just another one of mine). 

 Next we made a simple 'friendly plastic' brooch.  I love felt and hand sewing in concept, although I still don't like the 'squeaky' feel of felt!  I don't use it often enough to stop me from using it when I think that it's the best material for the job, though.  The brooches were quite easy to make.  Friendly plastic cut to length, heated (we used a heat gun, I'm told that you can use hot water), and then a wooden block pressed into it.  When it had cooled slightly we peeled it off the block, punched holes into the corners and sewed it onto a double mount of felt.  Difficult to show the lovely metallic turquoise colour on a photo.....

My other sewing (on the machine this time) was this pair of bags.  Very simple and fast to make, they are ideal for 'changing kits' - you know, baby wipes, bags, nappies or pants - but also jolly useful for keeping other bits and bobs together neatly.  I do like the button and 'hair bobble' closure too - more chance to stuff a bag and keep it closed than when I use Velcro!

Hope that you are enjoying your crafting this week too.


  1. That sounds like a fab night in! I didn't realise the alcohol problem include on the outside too! Did you post a pic on the bags? I didn't see them

  2. Ahem. Thanks for pointing out that missing photo, Benta - I'd managed to lose the photo (I'm SURE that it was there on the preview!) so I've re-added it.


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