Monday, 16 January 2012

Where does my time go?

 I have produced almost nothing, whereas I have received a lovely bag from the lovely Benta - who produced a number of bags to give away, and who seems to be very busy sewing on any number of different projects!  Thank you Benta (and she gave the girls lovely Ozzy gifts too, which they are thrilled with!).

 I have managed to make a couple of fabric postcards - one of my swap group had asked for cats, butterflies, or flowers - probably not expecting to have all of them on one card!
 Whilst I was fussy cutting cats I made another for a swap later in the year.
I did manage to spend a hour or so printing - and was quite pleased with some of this print, made with the edge of corrugated card, the top of an old tic-tac box, an old eraser.

It was fun to be printing - trying to pick out shapes from parts of concrete pumps, tractors, brick laying patterns to support the industrial theme of this part of my C&G. 

I just wish that I hadn't lost quite so much of the week doing bits of admin (furniture shake up in the living room, small house repairs to organise, more admin yada yada).  I need to get busy with a needle as I'm just not getting started on any of the projects that I've got in my head!  It all seems to be a slower start to the new year than I might have hoped. Never mind, I'll hope for more energy and zip soon, and just enjoy what bits I can do for now.

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  1. Once the sitting room is done you can concentrate on sewing ;-). Gkad the bag arrived safely.


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