Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year, New Projects, New Lists!

 The girls have gone back to school, the living room has been tidied, and I'm just about ready to start stitching again!

This year I'm taking part in TAST - Take A Sitch Tuesday - run by Sharon Boggon.  The first stitch is fly stitch - only the second time in my life that I've ever tried it.  You can see a short section of the final result on this fabric (layered with rectangles of sheers that don't photograph well, sorry!) here.

I thought that it would be useful to have a practise on something plain and to make a reference 'sheet' too. In fact this is a sheet - a turquoise cot sheet!  I've split some roughly A4 sections into eighths and over the year I'll build up six or seven sheets of stitch examples - which must also help with the C&G need to build samples, I'd have thought!
This is how the pages started - cot sheet, A4 (ish) wadding - last year I used them as bead mats, but now I have lovely plush 'proper' bead mats for when my friends come round, so these can be used up - and some 505 spray to keep them together whilst I'm stitching.  I know that I could have basted them together using old fashioned needle and thread, but I was worried that if I stopped to do that I might never get started on the actual stitching, and I think that if I'm going to do it that I will need to try and keep up as we go along!

So, only a little stitching, BUT a whole list of stitching projects up on my pinboard, and lots of ideas - as well as a couple of deadlines for minor items like postcards for a swap that I'm in.  Off to get on with some admin now, though, as I'm still trying to mentally clear the decks ready to allow myself to get on with the lovely stitching ideas!


  1. Well done for getting organised and knowing where you're going with TAST. I thought I was going to do samples but so far (ha ha, one week) I haven't stuck to that!

  2. Well done, it looks fab. The blocks are a good idea, i havent done more than running, back or slip stitch for ages, but this is very inspiring

  3. you look like you know what your diong---, lovely work....tina

  4. Glad to hear you have lots of projects and ideas for us to look forward to! I'm also doing the TAST challenge...I love fly stitch! Your orange piece looks very vibrant :-)


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