Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Moving forward?

Still producing small projects - anything that needs more than half an hour of concentration is still on the back burner!  This is a postcard made for a swap with the theme of 'pink'.

Another postcard for the birthday swap - this theme was windows.  It was also a good chance to try out some reverse applique, as I'll need to do some in my college course in my next module.  This was a fun project, all recycled stuff on the front - a colour catcher cut into the window shapes and sweet wrappers under it, with random placement.
  1. I've also made a few applique samples for my course - all the fast techniques have been covered (or at least, all the fast techniques in my repertoire - that's seven of them!) so I'll need to check my books later in the week to look and see which other ones I've missed.  I suspect that there are relatively new ones using glue or lots of starch that I haven't covered, and the 'old' traditional ones where you need to mark out with fine pencil lines.
I hope that your concentration is better than mine, and that you are having a fun and creative January!


  1. Gosh, not sure I could think of 7 methods - are you looking at different effects, like raw edge, needle turn, bondawebbed and overcast, there's one which involves a colour catcher and turning inside out through a slit at the back, um, the stained glass fusible binding over the raw edges method? Reverse, Avril's freezer paper method, ... Ok I'm finished, help me out!?

  2. hhiya, huge apologies, I mistakenly thought you had ignored my message-- just found yours it had gone straight to mail-- so, I owe you acovered book and some stuff, put your address on my comments-- I wont publish it but I will send you a very late pressie again,I am so sorry tina


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