Monday, 1 August 2011

My type of holiday!

Last week we had our main family holiday - an extended family, with nine of us from 73 down to 6.  Lovely.  Even better, whilst the others go surfing or cycling I'm left in peace to sew - yes, my sewing machine comes on holiday too, along with plenty of fabric and ideas!  This year was quite productive, and this is what I made:
 I started with a pen roll - the only way that I can think of to show my DD's that these are Mummy's pens, not theirs (really, I'm not being mean, after all they do have a gazillion drawing implements of their own, and I'd just like to know that I can pick mine up all in one go and find them still where I left them).  Actually, I suppose that it isn't quite finished yet as I hadn't taken any ribbon to fasten it when it is rolled up......

Then I made this little quilt (about 26" x 38") using two orphan blocks, four blocks made from Liberty style scraps (left over from when I made bunting for a friend last month), some polished chintz and a little of my fave Fabric Freedom range.  An eclectic mix, but I think that they have come together quite well and will make a small girl happy at some point.

Then I should have finished this - it just needs binding - a 30" square quilt (or thereabouts, I added a couple of borders to fit the bit of wadding that I had) for a little boy.  I think that the beach team came back earlier than I was expecting so this will be one to finish this week.

Instead I concentrated on finishing this cushion cover - another pattern from Kellie of  Don't look Now - which I made for the recently arrived baby girl of the people we were renting the holiday house from.  Very subtle personalisation - just a first name and a year quilted between the two birds.

I'm pleased with this.  Although the little bits for each flower are quite fiddly they are easy (and quiet!) to make during evenings.  They are the only time consuming part of the project, and once they are fused onto the cushion front you can zip along with the machine stitching and produce something very pretty indeed.

So, quite a productive holiday, especially as I made a couple of blocks for my C&G too!

I'm hoping to make a couple more little quilts over the summer with the other orphan blocks that I've got littering my 'design wall' (I use the term loosely).  The trouble is that I only have tiny amounts of them - and that the fabrics don't play together in any way - so I think that it will be three small quilts and pulling out the same sort of fabrics to construct other blocks to complement them!

I hope that your summer is giving you time to sew too.


  1. achieved all that on holiday!! Amazing!
    And how wonderful to go on holiday with family members of all special :-)

  2. Hi Plum,lovely work as ever. Glad to hear you had a good time, see you in Sep.

  3. Sounds like a great holiday! Glad to see you back in blogland!

  4. What lovely things you created on holiday. I usually take sewing with me but rarely get anything like what I hoped actually stitched! The floral cushion is particularly gorgeous, such fine detail, it will be loved.

  5. Wow, I'm very impressed and what a great holiday, when you can take a sewing machine with you!!!!!! Love the cushion especially, although everything else is lovel too.


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