Sunday, 7 August 2011

Card Cases.

After such a productive week you might have thought that I'd be on a roll and sewing merrily away. Not a bit of it. Lack of time and energy meant that I only plugged the sewing machine in to make two small card cases this week.  It all starts to sound a bit Regency heroine, doesn't it, when your girls need cases to carry their cards when visiting friends?  Sadly, nothing Georgette Heyer about my two, and the card cases were for 'trading cards' rather than something to leave to say that they'd called.

On the plus side, my big sis and I did our best to shrink the girls by leaving them out in the rain all day at a fab place called 'BeWILDerwood' near Norwich. It didn't work (the shrinking that is) but they had a great time building dens, climbing up into tree houses, coming down giant slides and all the rest of it.  It nearly tired them out....  If you are in Norfolk I can also highly recommend the RNLI Henry Bloggs lifeboat museum at Cromer and the MO at Sheringham.  My DD's aged 6 and 8 were very enthusiastic about both.

I'm hoping to squeeze a few more minutes sewing into this week - despite working hard on UFO's last month I've still got nine projects to complete on my list before I start anything else (or at least that's the theory!).

Happy summer stitching, everyone!


  1. The girls' day out sounds great fun! Good luck with the UFOs, I'm trying to shrink my list too!

  2. Love BeWILDerwood - great for all ages!!


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