Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nearly the end of Term!

I've finished my big end of term projects!  This is the fish quilt, which has a fish made by every Junior school child (and this one by me when I needed a focal point for it).  It is approximately 44" x 74".  The fish are backed with Vilene and then 'sketch stitched' down - so the edges will still be quite soft, but should just roll a little once it is washed, rather than fray.  I was impressed with the number of different shapes and sea creatures that the children produced!

The Infants each made at least one stitch in the bird that their classes are called after - with the TA's picking up and finishing them off.  Then the Binca squares (I use the term loosely!) were handed on to me for the cushion covers to be made.  I wish that I'd made it clear that I needed a clear seam allowance for each piece, as some of them are stitched perilously close to the edge of the easy-to-fray Binca.  Still, with stitch and flip over a supporting white fabric, zig-zag stitching and some extra top stitching I hope that these cushions will stand up to normal wear and tear.

Both these projects are for the departing Deputy Head of the girls school.

These projects left me only a little time to make something for DD2's class teacher, who is also leaving the school.  Interestingly, DH tackled me yesterday on the fact that he thought it would be nice if I made something for Mr Folly too - clearly my stitching obsession is starting to rub off on him!  What he hadn't realised was that I'd already made a book cover with a Kingfisher and his name on and passed it on to the class reps for presentation with the vouchers later this week.  What I didn't realise was that I'd done this before I'd remembered to take a photograph of it!

Time now to start thinking about school holidays and the like, and what to pack for going away (apart from my sewing machine, of course that is never in question).  It's now such a 'given' on the holiday that I will be sewing that my nieces bring along their sewing projects (especially the ones that need a little extra help) too, and check to make sure that the collection of FQs will be travelling.  Nothing like promoting sewing to the next generation!

I hope that you too are preparing for sharing sewing projects over the summer.


  1. Now that sounds like a GOOD holiday! The gifts for the deputy heads are lovely, well done! If you come to Windsor for a day, let me know!

  2. What lovely gifts, you have been working so hard, enjoy your holiday.

  3.'re a star! I would have been over the moon to receive any of those when I retired from teaching!
    Have a wonderful holiday; sounds like you deserve it :-)
    And thank you for the gorgeous fabric pieces I received in the post this are very kind. xxx


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