Thursday, 9 June 2011


 I've just finished the quiltlet that you see here.  It's turned into a narrative piece - hills, the girl about to climb up to the little house, the tree.  I made it as a 'Stay at Home Round Robin' hosted by Kate North.

However, I made it using colours that I'm not so keen on, just to see how it went.  Unfortunately, although I like the form of the quilt, I'm still not keen on the colours and don't want to make space for it on my walls.  SO if you would like it, please contact me or leave a comment.  If there is more than one person who'd like it I will draw a name out of a hat (probably at the end of the month).  It's about 19" square plus the dangly bit.

 I broke open the packet and started luceting.  This was the first bit.  At the bottom you can see the looser weave, then the tighter weave where I improve with the first method that I learnt.  Then there is a really wobbly bit where I tried to learn a second method, which straightens out enough for me to try to put a frogging line in, and then the section with the frogging.

It's going to be fun to try it with different types of yarn to see what happens, although I can only do a few minutes each day without making my fingers and wrists sore.

 This second photo shows a good step forward to what I want to do.  I want to be able to include beads (but clearly need to pay attention to counting to get even curves around the beads) and this is the easiest bead inclusion pattern that I've got.
On Tuesday I enjoyed a morning with two other Twickenham quilters.  Lesley allowed us to try out her Amanda Jane Pleater.  Amazing!  She gave us these lovely silk samples and I'm still trying to decide how to use mine.  They are very touchy-feely as you can move the pleats around to make pleasing shapes and forms.  I shall be interested to see what Avril does with hers.
And here is a photo of the hanging that I made last week for Kandy, now that I know that she's received it safely.  Similar to one that I made earlier in the year.

Finally, if you haven't already cast your vote, please take a moment to click on this page and vote for 'Unfolding the Quilts' to be a 'Best Heritage Project'. If the Quilt Museum (run by the Quilters' Guild) is the heritage finalist it will get a slot on a BBC show which would be great publicity.  It's already got and spent the lottery money, this is just a vote to say that it was a popular choice.


  1. Me please! I would adore to have your quilt and love the colours, it would hang on my dining room wall.
    That pleated silk is very interesting as I've been reading up on shibori recently and that looks a good way to pleat the fabric before dyeing. I'll be interested to see what you do with it but I'm going to look into that pleater! Hope you're okay, I'm off to a Gail Lawther workshop this weekend :)
    Take care.

  2. I love that quilt so much - I can't believe you're giving it away. Please choose me!!!
    The pleating is so pretty; I love the idea that you can move it about. And your bird hanging is delightful.....lucky Kandy.
    Linda x
    PS I voted :-)

  3. Double the comments, double the chances??? I love the little quilt, are the girls not interested? Wish I could have come on the play date :-(

  4. please sign me up for the quilt, ive been enjoying each stage of it on the Stay at home Robin each month! im the one doing the halloween and winter quilts on there...i still need to do more applique and embroidery on it, and then i can finish them up....but i would love a chance to win yours! :) Thanks!

  5. I LUV those colorways--this is really a stunner. Julierose


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