Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another UFO Completed!

 We all have projects that hang around for a bit, right?  So what's your oldest project that you have maturing?  I decided to try and tackle some of mine over this year - I was surprised by how many I had when I actually looked at was was around.

This one of mine - notable because it's been on my 'design wall' (really vertical storage for odd blocks and small quilts destined for other homes) for some time.  In fact, 'some time' should really be quantified.  Really, in this case, 'some time' is in fact 'some years'.  I think that I made the central part of the hanging was made in 2007.  Certainly as soon as I got my 'Quilting Caveman Style' DVD from Ricky Tims. 

Still, now, the second of my pair of quilts is finished, a mere two years after the first one, and four years since I started.

 So did I try to quilt them to make them match?  Crikey no!  The first lily (blue background) was very heavily quilted.  Lots of dense stitching and trying out of freehand feathers.
 It's only by chance that the pair have come out at such a similar size.  I guess that was the benefit of keeping all the bits for the project in one place, and having at least partly made the wonky block borders before I put the project aside.
The detail of this flower shows slightly lighter and looser quilting. This is the densest quilting on the hanging this time.
Aside from this excitement, I've been hand-stitching on my 'Roses from the Heart' bonnet, doing a little light luceting (aim: to be able to lucet a neat cord without needing to look down).  Oh, and making a few more lavender bags.  Now that my 'projects to do' list is down to 7 (or at least, just the 7 that are already started) it was clearly time to indulge in a little retail therapy.  I bought this pattern for four cushion covers - another 'Don't Look Now' pattern - and some pastel FQs to make one or two of them.  Pastels? Me?  I know.  Clearly not in my usual 'the brighter the better' mood, but I suspect that these will become gifts and I do understand that not everyone shares my taste.


  1. Well done on tackling the UFO pile! I'm off to Sandown on Sunday and I'll have to really try not to buy fabric for another project without finishing some UFOs!

  2. Mmmm, lovely. I've still got too many in that UFO pile.

  3. Hmm, I could tackle the UFO pile but it doesn't appeal at the moment. Well done for what you have achieved.

  4. Oooh that quilting is so neat. Clever girl :-)
    I could do with spending a month on my UFO pile....


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