Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ain't nothing going on but the.....cake (and giveaway winners)!

DD2 turned six this week.  So although I have sewing to show you - she'd asked for a cushion and wanted a seahorse / underwater theme for her party - it was finished a few weeks ago.  Another Urban Threads pattern sewn by hand, and the machine used for construction and background quilting.

Creative energy (well, available energy, perhaps not as creative as it might be) has been put instead into cakes.

Water Splash was for Frankie's actual birthday (when she had a couple of friends around for tea after her ballet lesson.  Coconut cake (her choice) with blue butter cream.

Seahorse Aquarium is the cake for her party -along with another 30 or so cupcakes with matching icing.  I have to confess that the idea for the streamers for weed / water / general effect was Simon's.  Without them the cake was looking more like a large tin of tuna, and I wasn't sure what to do about it!  Lucky that we have cocktail sticks and a hot glue gun to make construction of them quick and easy!

That aside, the quilty news is that my random number generator (DD2, well, it was her birthday) picked Lis as the winner of the stay at home round robin quilt and Linda as the runner up.  One parcel already dispatched, one address awaited.....


  1. The idea of a cake based on a large tin of tuna made me giggle! Well done to you for the fab cakes, and well done to Simon for the inspiration!

  2. Sorry I'm late replying .....just wanted to say **Lucky Lis!**

    (I have sent you an email)
    Linda x
    PS Lovely cushion and cakes!


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