Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Happy Chickens!

I shared the lovely tute from Myrtle and Eunice with some gal pals (not sure that I like that phrase, but it sums up who they are!) last night.  These were my trial chooks, all with different gauge wire legs as I tried to find one that I could manipulate and that would be strong enough to support these little lovelies. 

And here are the motley crew of chicks assembled at the end of the evening.  They all have their own characters, and most of them are going to need to have a good chiropodist in the not too distant future!


  1. That is one fabulous line-up (they look pretty cheeky!)...

  2. I love your motley band of birdies! Great idea.

  3. They are gorgeous!!! You must have a lot of patience. The bow-legged one at the top made me laugh.


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