Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lots of happy stitching.

Working on small things - and getting some 'domestic' sewing done too.  This week I've replaced a zip in DB's jacket, added a few more patches to the worn out sofa cushions, and (less domestic) made a calico bonnet to embroider for the Roses from the Heart project.  No, there is no particular reason to make something and send it half-way around the world to honour a woman who was shipped to Australia as a convict in the 1800's, but there is no particular reason not to, either.  I've chosen a Mary Evans (my maiden name is Evans) - and I'm trying to find out a little more about her.  The bonnet will be embroidered with her name, the name of the ship that she travelled on, and some roses (or my best attempt) and perhaps some other patterns too.....but I haven't started that embroidery part yet.

On the quilting front I've completed my stay at home robin, round 9 (by adding ribbon flowers and sewing down some of the fused details) - the hand sewing done whilst chatting to my good friend Avril who came for a quilters play date.

I've also made my challenge piece for the next BQL challenge swap - 7 1/2" x 24".  Birds seemed to appear in lots of quilts that I'd seen over the last year or so - so using a quick and easy fusible method to make the birds bodies and adding machine embroidery for the details seemed like a fun tribute to them - and perfect for the size requirements this month.

The colours are truer in the 'long shot' below - the background is my favourite M&S 'Oxford Weave' blue work shirts, snaffled from DH.....

I've finished the February block from the latest Bunny Hill BOM.  I'm not sure that I'm going to last the course on this BOM - I really love the way that the instructions are given so clearly, and that it's an easy 'no think' project for me, but I'm not that into 'cutsy' squirrels......) 

I've spent a happy time with DD2, who has sewn around this cloth doll (a lovely set of four from Avril).  She is called Agnes and will be making her debut at 'Show and Tell' tomorrow, I understand.  DD1 would like to make a doll too, but is still (I think) a bit scared about how fast a sewing machine can go....  more straight line sewing is required first.
It's possible that the Year One class will resolve the hot debate about whether it's a kitten or an old fashioned bear that Agnes is clutching......

Happy stitching!


  1. I keep wimping out of embellishing my round robins. I think maybe because in my mindthe pink and the blue are almost baby quilts, so it would be a shame to make them unsuitable for a baby. No such excuse for the black and white though! Yours looks lovely. I need to have another look at mine!

  2. What a lot of lovely pieces Plum. I'm glad you're doing a bonnet. I made four in the end and it was such a lovely thing to do, especially when I was able to find out some information about "my" girls. Did you see the bonnets at FoQ?


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