Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Go and see the work of Susan J. Adams!

Not just a lost week, but yet another spent blaming the bug for me feeling jaded, before I realised that I was horribly anaemic (again!).  I managed to avoid hospital and blood transfusions this time, but I really need to find some exciting iron rich vegetarian recipes before I get bored with the ones that I make regularly to uplift the iron capsules that I'm popping like candy!

So, still no 'real' activity, just a few ATC's - honestly, a fortnight to put these few bits together!

Still, I'm happy to say that ideas are once again flowing (although not yet translated into action) for the next BQL 'skinny swap' - this time 24" x 7 1/2" - and I've got more ideas than time, I fear!

And now it's time to get to the real subject of this post.  One of my oldest friends, the immensely talented Susan J Adams, currently has an exhibition on until the 19th March.  No, she isn't a quilter (shame!) but hugely talented in many areas of different media.  This exhibition, at Moma Wales (in Machynlleth, Powys) contains sculptures, paintings and prints all on the theme of 'There are Receivers in the Woods' - a visual exploration of the hearing of voices.  If you can't get to the exhibition you might want to order the free booklet 'they leak through me' for just the cost of the P&P.  I have no idea how you find enough head space to get together a coherent body of work as a mother of a small child, but she has managed - well done, SJA!

Hope that you are all managing beautiful creative endeavours this week!



  1. Plum if your vegetarian regime allows eggs they are brim full of iron in their yolks and the other food which is iron rich is surprisingly dried apricots - maybe these two ingredients can ring the changes a bit for you :)

  2. Well done for listening to your body - isn't it amazing when it knows and can tell us, even if we don't always listen! Hope you're feeling better :-)

  3. Sorry to read you're still going slowly. Good plain chocolate is a source of iron (that's my excuse) and iron tablets work better if you take them with orange juice rather than tea or coffee. We had sunshine today and I feel brighter, I hope you got some too. Spring soon :)


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