Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bloomin' Marvellous!

It's finished: it's quilted, bound, labelled and hung!  Meg's Garden (or Happy Flower Tree, as I've called mine) graces the space above our bed.  It's not ideal (I could either lose the bottom of the trunk from view, or hang it from above the picture rail, which means that it can never hang flat, of course - and I chose above the picture rail, on balance).  So we have 48" x 57" of  loveliness hanging in the bedroom.  or at least, I think that it's lovely, DH thinks that it has rather too much pink and yellow in, but has let me hang it up anyway, as he is sweet natured and long suffering.

So would I make another?  I don't think that I'd like to make another this large.  It did occur to me that although I've learnt a lot (primarily not to use linen mix on a wholecloth, and if making a large whole cloth to think about basting to show the original lines that you were working to rather than spray-away pen so that you've got a better idea of where to aim the rotary cutter to square it up in the finish) I'm happier making small pieces, and that I quite like to include some piecing as well as the fusible applique. 

I'd be happy to recommend Kellie's patterns, though, and her website so that you can try a smaller project with the same techniques to get a taste of them.

 You can see a little more on these close-up shots.  The linen mix colour is right in the photo above.

The photo to the right probably shows the printed fabrics as fairly close to true colours.
The shot to the left shows how the central circle was put together around a couple of key butterflies and large flowers.

I'm really pleased that I've made this, it will make me smile every time I see it.  It lacks the elegance of a pure mathematical solution, or the grace of a natural tree, but I love it.  I hope that you create things that make you smile too.


  1. Wow Plum, it looks absolutely lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing it in all its spring like glory.

  2. GORGEOUS! I love it. thanks for sharing,Amy

  3. This is absolutely fabulous, and makes me feel inadequate! I spent all morning trying to make a single rose in a speciment vase for my skinny challenge.

  4. It is so fabulous...I LOVE the colours!

  5. thank you for your kind comments it doesnt always feel like I v done much I love your quilt I would love to make it, my friend made it all in blue it was lovely....tina

  6. How lovely! I'm also a big fan of Kellie's patterns. I've made a "Meg's Garden" last year as well. Just loved it, although it was hard work to wrestle it under under the sewing machine ;). You should add a photo to Kellie's Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/dontlooknow/

  7. This is absolutely fantastic. I love the colours and it's a real inspiration!


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