Saturday, 19 February 2011

That was the week that wasn't.....

The lost week.  The lost week that has left me still feeling ropey (why ropey?  Where did that expression come from?  Anything to do with your insides still feeling twisted up like an overtwisted multi-strand mess?).  The lost week that saw me acting as a human sofa to both DDs at different times, and in between suffering the same horrid bug?  Ah well, Meg's Garden has got away once more, and small projects triumph again!  I'm getting ahead of myself with fabric postcards for a birthday swap that I'm in, and that has to be a good thing!
 And another big plus this week, at least one person voted for my entry in the ALQS5 that Kate North was running, meaning that I got to send my snowflake quiltlet off to Maya Jansen, and, in turn received a thrilling package through the post.  On opening I discovered this little quiltlet from Lenna - very watery and lovely (and the colours a little softer than this photo might suggest - I really should get my photo editing sorted out!).

Onwards and upwards, but as the coming week is half-term I don't see many sewing hours in it.  Perhaps some hand sewing and helping the DDs with their sewing machine projects......

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. I love your work, very inspiring.

  2. Love your post cards and the quilt from alqs5 looks wonderful!


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