Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Plated Up!

I've finished the quilt with my Dresden Plate in the middle.  Some fun and games when trying to fit the 'cone' (blunt triangles) borders around the central plate medallion.  I hadn't really thought through that the ends of each strip would be sloping, so I'd have to add additional 'half' cones in order to straighten the ends up and then couldn't work out how long to make the longer strips in order to match the light / dark pattern.....I quite like the cones effect, but next time won't try to fit a block into the middle of it!

Still, I'm pleased with it as a quilt, as it's made almost entirely with fabric given to me by lovely friend, Lesley B., and will make a lovely donation quilt.  I also got to play with a newish Dresden plate template, which was ideal for the odd shaped scraps that I was given.  It was the same shape cut out for the cones and the plate blades, just treated differently.

The quilt is about 60" x 54" and I've got just a few blades left to play with some more.

You'll have spotted the different photos of the same quilt.  Just experimenting to see which looks best.  What do you think?  You get to choose between flat, but not looking rectangular as I couldn't get high enough above it, hung bumpily on a book case with book ends, folded over a chair (threads from the cushion fringe, not the quilt!), and slouched over a chair......  I don't see a career in staging quilts or photographing them in my near future!


  1. Ha ha, I find it difficult to photograph quilts too. As a quilter I want to see a flat picture but they are hard unless you can hang from the chandeliers or something. A draped quilt is more atmospheric (and easier to snap) but you can't see the design. I like your bottom photo, you can see the colours, get the feel of the quilt and assume it is a symmetrical design.

  2. I love the quilt. I take photos by putting the quilt on the floor next to a high bed, then laying on the bed, with the camera hanging over the side of the bed. Fine unless the quilt is bigger than the floor space!


  3. I love that quilt - the triangles around the Dresden plate really go well together. I like the use of the chair for staging the quilt, casually draped over the chair looks very natural.

  4. Plum I think your quilt is really nice. I prefer to see it in full display, but the photos on the chair also give you an idea of size compared to furniture.
    Love it.


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