Thursday, 13 January 2011

Helping Our Antipodean (and other) Friends

When you hear on the news that an area the size of France and Germany combined is flooded it is almost unimaginable.  When you see the photos of houses with just their roofs showing above the water it becomes more imaginable.  This was written describing what I'd heard about Australia.  Then I listened to the radio again and heard about the flooding in Brazil and the flooding in Sri Lanka, and remembered that there is still work going on for the relief of those affected by the floods in Pakistan and Nepal.

I can't think that there is a good way to lose the contents of your home - think about the memories that you have stored in yours on scraps of paper, memory sticks, and worn into your possessions.  If you'd like to help some of the people who have lost these things, and the useful items like nappies and somewhere to put them, then please consider donating on one of the flood relief sites or trying your hand at one of the on-line bloggers auctions that are running next week.

I originally posted Australian sites for donating / bidding at fund raising auctions, but you might want to share your money around and send it to one or more organisations who support these other areas too.

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