Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Will I, Won't I?

 Will I re-sew the flying geese frame to the dove centre or won't I?   I'm not especially pleased with the lumpy finish that I've achieved, but neither am I convinced that I'll be able to manage a better result with a second try!

I'm prevaricating at the moment.  It's pinned to my wall whilst I decide what I should do.  It may be that weeks 16 / 17 of my Aves quilt aren't as finished as they should be if I do decide to re-do their coupling.
 In the meantime I've been getting on with a challenge from my quilt group.

We've each been given a piece of this fabric - mine was roughly 6" x 8" (thank you Benta for nabbing and sending me this in my absence from the meeting!).

We were then challenged to make an 8" square quilt where the fabric could still be recognised.
This was the first quilt that I made - I really wanted to use the pattern as a pair of eyes.
 This was my last quilt with it, when I saw an elephant print in a fabric shop at the weekend and realised that I might have enough fabric left for one more eye.  I had to grub about in my bin to retrieve this fragment as it was smaller even than the pieces that I usually keep!
This was my second quilt - I like the idea of a loose woven design with strips left after I'd removed the strip with the owl eyes.

This is called 'Don't Fence Me In'.

All three quilts use fusible applique (so I lost as little of the challenge fabric as possible) and machine stitching.

All good fun!  I'm now planning to go back to my scrap drawers and start a new scrap project.

Happy sewing everyone!

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