Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Another week goes by!

 Another week of Aves BOW - this time week 9.  A set of 8 humming bird blocks.  It's lovely to keep this project ticking over week by week.
 A landmark day in household - lots of fun on the day with both family and friends arriving to join the celebration.
Finally, the front of the cushion part of the quillow that I'm making.  This mini quilt (as that's what it is, in effect) showcases one of the blocks that is repeated 25 times in the quilt, with inner sashing and HST border to take it up to 20" square.

My plan is to have finished the quillow by Sunday ready to pass it over.  I'd better go and carry on with it now!

Happy Easter, and I hope that you find plenty of time for crafting too!

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  1. The humming birds look great - super secondary pattern too when they are together like that! Hope your octogenarian is delighted with her quillow! I’m sure she will be! Xxx


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