Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Proud Aunty Alert!

 I am lucky enough to know a number of creative, wonderful people.  This would have to include my eldest nephew, Stuart, who has this week published his debut novel, Stacker.

I've only just started reading it - and I'm enjoying it so far (although I've been warned that there is some bad language and that things get pretty tense - just saying in case that might not suit you).  Some very slick phrases to be found, though.  Free on Kindle unlimited, and not much money to buy if you haven't.....

What have I been doing this week apart from reading?  I'm pleased to say that I've achieved my target 16 blocks!

 The block above is a 12" corner beauty - it took several hours to make.

The one to the right is a 6 1/2" block.  Fun to make!
These four - two of them not such dark blocks - and the one on the top left not exhibiting the level of contrast that I'd be aiming for, to be honest.  Bad understanding of which fabric would dominate on my part!
 These four showed better contrast.
And these ones too.  These last 14 are all 3 1/2" square.  It means that some of these pieces get quite small!

I'm now just into October's blocks.  Thinking that this project is easily going to take me through into February!

Enjoy your pre-Christmas crafting!

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  1. Thanks - always on the lookout for a new book! The blocks are looking fab!


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