Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Bags more potential!

 Everyone who's been sewing for a while will be nodding along now - we are lucky enough to become magnets for bags of fabric.

These bags, passed on via the mother of a friend, are from some one else who is downsizing.

Oh the excitement!  One is never quite sure what the bags will hold.  What colours? What textures? What will the fabric be made of?
 Un furling the twisted tops of the bags is just the start of the journey of exploration that lies ahead.

I'm not sure that much of these bags will be quilting fabric - it looks to me as though the lady passing this on was a garment maker.  This is rather nicely timed with the start of 'The Great British Sewing Bee' on television, and my younger daughter wondering out loud if she should make another skirt.

I think that I need to look out (or even buy!) some patterns and get busy sewing with her. 

There might also be something suitable for school production costumes too.  We're going to be busy!

My other sewing has been on the 365 challenge.  I've accepted that I'm woefully (albeit cheerfully!) behind - but proud that I've almost finished the April blocks!

These are 6 1/2" square, but some of them seem to be four times the work of the 3 1/2" square blocks that we've working on up until now - so taking a bit longer to complete than they used to!

All good fun - and I'm enjoying the brighter, lighter colours too.


  1. I refuse to get stressed about online BoM's anymore. They will get done when they get done.

  2. I love your 365 blocks. The citrus colours are lovely!

  3. The the spring colours! And I'm going to adopt the phrase "fabric magnet": it's perfect! Remember Hilary will take the unwanted stuff to her loft in Norfolk ready for the next bric-a-brac stall


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