Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Small Sewing (and a gripe!)

 This week I've sewn more than I can show - isn't that always the way at Christmas?

As well as this little set of pouch / notebook cover and tissue holder for one of DD1's class mates, I made another 6 'wild women' brooches as teacher presents (and forgot to take a photo before wrapping them up and sending them off - doh!).

I've also been sewing secretly for the family - so no pics until after Christmas!  All good fun, but time consuming.  I'm ready to get stuck into a quilt again now!

My gripe?  Having ordered sprung scissors (yes, thank you for asking, I've found that they are much more comfortable than regular scissors for me) I was somewhat put out that the only way of getting the smaller scissors out of the protective wrapping was by cutting the orange grip loop.  Don't they have any idea who the audience for these scissors are?  It's a bit chicken and egg to say the least.  I'm lucky (DH happy to be my strong hands when I can't do something) but not everyone can rely on there being someone else around to help them.

Come on Fiskars, you can do better than that!

Right, back to festive cheeriness now!  I'm going to do a little work on this 'stand out from the crowd' quilt.  I just need to applique another 21 red circles onto this piece and then decide what borders to add, given that I don't have any more of this fabric available!

The yellow square is the 'stand out from the crowd' focus, of course.

Hope that you have some fun sewing lined up too!


  1. Adorable notebook cover/pouch etc gifts! I agree about the scissors--I have trouble getting things out of those plastic pkgs, too with my hand problems...hugs and have a wonderful Holiday Season Julierose

  2. Some of the packaging is ridiculous and sharp plastic. People end up at the emergency room every Christmas due to injuries from opening the packaging.

  3. You should write to fiskars - ridiculous packaging! I'm liking the applique

  4. I hate those little orange bands that are almost impossible to cut and almost ruin a blade. I do love my sprung fiskars and have finally dulled mine almost beyond use. May have to invest in some more. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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