Monday, 28 September 2015

Show stopper!

Don't you think that's an amazing cake?

My lovely DH took a secret day off work, borrowed his sister's kitchen, and spent the day baking and decorating his first ever cakes (one chocolate, one lemon) to make the thread spool, complete with lemon buttercream icing, and strawberry lace thread, as well as the quilt, scissors and needle.

A real show stopper (fans of The Great British Bakeoff will be familiar with the term!).

Isn't it wonderful?  I was very touched by the whole effort that had gone into the secret making of this, ready for my birthday.

I realise that I should really be taking photos of the wonderful fabric post cards, hand made cards and sewing themed cards that I received - and the lovely hand sewn presents that I had from Benta - but perhaps that's something for another day.

After all, now I've got cake to eat.......!!


  1. That's just amazing! Way to go DH!

  2. Well done Simon, that's fab!!!

    Plum - I didn't realise it was an "oh" birthday! Welcome to the club!

  3. Wow. Big score for your DH. Happy birthday!

  4. What a great cake. It must have made you feel so special that he went to such an effort.


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