Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lazy labels, Blocking Quilts and more.

So many things to do, and lots of quilts that needed labels.  I wish that I'd labelled them as I was going along, of course!  I decided to do a 'quick and dirty' solution:  printing the information onto pre-treated fabric, iron to fix it, iron it onto fusible and then cut the labels and iron them onto the quilts.

Of course, I know that the quilts that will be washed need to have some stitching around the labels too, but it was a great way to add the information I wanted onto these quilts.

 I also decided to take the plunge and wash my Love Entwined quilt with synthrapol (to get rid of the dye runs) and block it to help it lie flat against the wall when it was hung.

I took advice (thanks Avril!) and set it out like so:

1) lay down a plastic sheet.

 2) lay down a sheet (or in my case duvet cover), smoothing out any wrinkles.
 3) lay out the dampened quilt on top.  Gently pull into shape.  I used a large square ruler to check the corners and a meter rule to measure the sides.
 4) Using a long straight edge (I used my meter rule again) pin the quilt out keeping the edges as straight as possible.

 5) Allow it to dry undisturbed!  It should lay flat, a bit like damp stretching a piece of embroidery!
 One of my 'things to do' was celebrate my birthday.  Not the planned trip to the cinema to see the Bill Bryson film, Walk in the Woods, but a trip to see the author himself at the Kew literary festival!  Big thanks to my lovely SIL and niece who gave up their tickets so that DH and I could go.

Wonderfully entertaining talk and a wonderful surprise to be able to go!
Back home to my quilting and after finishing the binding on the large part of my Dear Jane quilt I decided that it needed blocking too.

This time I wasn't brave enough to put it into the washing machine (I know that some of the seam allowances from the blocks made years ago are too narrow!) so it had to make do with a heavy spritz of water before being pinned.

I'm pleased with how its looking and should be able to show you a picture of it hung up next week!  A milestone indeed!

I hope that your week has been as much fun as mine!


  1. Your Love Entwined is so pretty. I admire the perseverance of anyone who makes any part of that quilt! Your Jane looks nice too. Some of my seam allowances got pretty narrow too. Mine is definitely not going to be washed in the washer.

  2. Your Dear Jane is awesome. I know what you mean about those seams that were done long along and are narrow. How wonderful to meet the author - or at least hear him speak.

  3. Beautiful work on both quilts love dear Jane always a show stopper. Thank you for the explanation on blocking very interesting, I have never seen this before and enjoyed reading about it.

  4. The blocking looks to have worked brilliantly! How wonderful to see BB, I'm reading TWO of his books at the moment: a sunburned country (downstairs) and lost continent (upstairs) I bet he's fab in real life! Xx

  5. These two quilts look great. I love how bright they are.


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