Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sweet scrappy projects

I finished sewing down the binding on the big sister of the 16 patch quilt that I showed last week.  This is 40" square, so not a bad size.  I made it to use up some bright jelly-roll type strips and a metallic-y spray pattern background fabric.

Another finish for my Project Linus pile and a little more out of the scrap drawers!  Almost completed in March.....but I'm happy to have finished it now!
This is a mini scrap project - more photos next week - where I wanted to use up the bits and bobs that I'd created from either trimming my Round Robin created strips or that I created with the left over bits that came back to me from the fabrics that I'd provided.

Once I'd hit on my size and shape (I've decided on a wall hanging for above where a new sofa bed will go once the building work is complete) it was straightforward to decide on a layout for the existing strips.  I just needed one more strip to complete it.  So, by next week I hope to have completed the top, basted it, and perhaps even to have started quilting it.  A girl can hope!
I have also been diligently quilting my Heart It quilt.  Soon I'll be binding it, but it might be a while to complete that, as I'm still only hand sewing for about 20 minutes every day.  Much better than nothing, but it's going to take me a while to get around a 60" square quilt!

My other sewing project this week has been to make these 'anti-ouch pouches' - underarm cushions with a strap to hold them in place.  If you know someone who undergoes breast cancer surgery please think about making one or two of these for them.  They are fast to make (about 30 minutes including stuffing and finishing, I should think) and can make people much more comfortable.

I'm sending lots of good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to my cousin Jilly.


  1. Some great creations there. Those anti ouch pouches are different to the ones I've made, but I'm sure they are just as appreciated

  2. Those cushions are a great idea, I'm making something similar with one of my quilting groups. Ours are just hearts but I like the addition of the straps so that they can stay in place.


  3. What a great idea thoe anti ouch pouches!!! Thanks for sharing. The scrappy quilt is a jewel!!

  4. Love your scrappy quilt, it's gorgeous. Am fascinated by your anti ouch pouches though as the quilting group I belong to have been making cancer bags ( to carry files and reports) for the last 18 month's around 300 made now.
    If possible could you give me more details of these as I think our group would be very interested in making and donating them to the breast cancer foundation here. Cheer's Jenny in NZ

  5. Plum, you are a quilting whirlwind! Where do you find the time?? Yes, I love your sweet scrappy it looks gorgeous. I think the ouchie pouchies are a great idea. I will definitely make some - is there an online pattern for them out there? I might add it to the Group files along with our healing hearts.


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