Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Round Robin Reveal!

 I was very excited to see my Round Robin after it had been away for five months.  This was my starter piece.  My theme was the Military Wives song, "Wherever My Heart", with white and turquoise as my colours.
 This strip was made by Jane, who used alphabet white on white fabric to show communication and blue squares to represent the military mail - blueies, after the blue airmail paper that used to be used.  Triangles show the questions and answers flowing around the world.

Marjolyn made this strip.  Interlocked squares for the families, Stars of Destiny, and Delectable Mountains for lifes ups and downs.
Nerida used the purple squares in this strip to show a travelling solider, always part of a family, but not always in the same place. 
 Karen has a friend who is in South London Military Wives choir - what a coincidence!  She represented her friend with a Southern Belle block, and used chevrons to denote her husband who had just been promoted.  The purple here represents their three children.
 Benta used a high shot of the choir members, where she says their heads seemed to tessellate - so I've got some of her fabulous hexies representing that.
 She was also kind enough to make me an extra (she is so lovely, always keen to go the extra mile - thanks Benta!) and has embroidered two lines from the song onto some of the turquoise fabric.

So there you have it!  I'm thrilled that people put so much thought into making the strips (and explaining their thoughts).  I feel very lucky to have had so many talented people working on my Round Robin.

*All* I've got to do now is to decide how best to put them together, and construct the quilt!

I shall let it all mature on my design wall for the moment, whilst I consider the final purpose of the quilt (sofa throw? bed quilt? wall hanging?) which will help to determine its shape, size and the quilting that it will receive.


  1. As you know, I got a sneak peak of these strips. I think they look great. I look forward to seeing it all finished.


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