Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Oodles of Doodles!

 Over the last week or two I've been producing some Zentangle type doodles on Artists 'Tiles' - a new size card to me, cut at 3 1/2" square - so that I could share the idea with my gal pals (still trying that phrase out for size - I like the intention but it seems a bit ugly, somehow) at 'Girls Night In' - my regular kitchen table crafting outlet.

I REALLY wish that I'd made them line up the goodies that they produced - we had everything from mermaids through penguins to hearts and initials - wonderful!

So I'll just have to share some of what I've produced instead.

This is clearly an homage to Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors - we watched the film with the girls at the weekend.
 This is an initial card.  I used different cards from Poundland - obviously I'd recommend that you actually opened up any cards that you bought that had text on the front, just in case there was text inside too.  I had a range of both 'thank you' and 'invitation' cards that had text inside them - so we needed to do an extra step and cover the writing inside with an additional piece of card or paper.
 This was what I was originally thinking of - a Valentines card (and now I feel very smug being finished early!).  I cut out the 'tangled' heart and mounted it on a black 'tile'.

I bought three Zentangle books (one of them a childrens' book - as much for me as for my DD's - I like simple, fun instructions).  They are well worth it as they give you step by step instructions and ideas on different ways to build up patterns. 
These were others that I'd been trying out different tangles on too. 

Without realising, I'd also picked the week when we have 'National Doodle Day' in the UK.  Turns out that it happens in support of Epilepsy Action - and this year is on Friday, 6th February.

The money that I received last night will be donated to this excellent cause.  Perhaps you will be inspired to doodle on Friday and send in a pound too?

Happy doodling - hope that you produce oodles too!


  1. They look fabulous Plum and I love the Valentines card!

  2. WOW you are so talented. I sure admire your artistic talent.

  3. Looks like lots of fun Plum, some thing I used to do when we had a phone attached to the wall and you had to just stand or sit till the call was over LOL...Love the valentines card some one will be lucky. Cheers Glenda

  4. I love doodling, but tend to just do the same things each time, maybe I need to be more adventurous

  5. They all look great. My sister and I used to make lots of pictures like these when we were kids, before it had a name, but as we got older that kind of slipped away, even though we would still love to do it. Just recently, my kids saw a special picture that my sister drew for me in this style - it was the letters of my name filled with all different patterns. They loved it! They have started making pages full of patterns, themselves. It's lovely to watch. Maybe I should start giving it a go again, myself.


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