Thursday, 10 October 2013

 This is a very simple humbug bag.  One hem, two seams, two pieces of Velcro.  Antidote to sewing that requires thinking, like the C&G samples I've been making (shouldn't have required so much thinking, I was clearly a bit dull headed that day!) and the fiddly sewing on my Love Entwined.

I should also confess that 1) I saw some Year 8 textile work at a secondary school visit last week that included humbug bags and 2) I thought that I should practise before suggesting it as a crafting activity for my DDs and their friends (but we ended up doing some painting instead, so I have this idea in reserve for another time!).
 So how is my Love Entwined coming on?  I'm calling Part 3 (two sets of pierced hearts, two sets of pointy leaves and oak leaves) finished - by leaving out (at least for the moment, I may re-visit) the spots that should be on these grey pointy-oval bits.
You might just be able to spot that I've started on Part 4 (first vase and flowers) - but progress still seems slow at the moment. I think that I need to put aside a bit more time during the day for preparing the pieces that I want to sew down in the evenings, now that I've finished the few bits that I was able to back baste on the machine (or perhaps I should try some of the other smaller pieces with back basting too?  I'm not sure!). 

The yellow is a bit shouty.  It might be balanced out by other loud colours as I go around the corners, if not it will either have to be replaced or re-coloured with Inktense pencils!


  1. Going to awesome when you're done. I agree the yellow is a little more out there than the others, But if you pamper the yellow with other yellow tones, it will calm down.

  2. god bless ink- tense, love the blocks myself,,,see you are as busy as ever...

  3. Your Love Entwinned is beautiful, so much work has gone in it already. You are doing a lot, bravo.

  4. oh, I love that cheddar pop! Lovely!

  5. It's looking great, more details on the humbug bag please ?


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