Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What a Week!

 This week I have celebrated my birthday, my wedding anniversary and, more unusually the day when I tipped from spending more of my life single into spending more of my life married.  Just think, more than half my life as a married woman!  Not sure whether it's me or DH who need the congratulations, to be honest!

It's the first week that I've felt that we are back into the rhythm of school, and I've made more sewing and C&G progress than for some weeks, which is always something to make me smile!
This 'lasagne quilt' was a team effort.  Benta (go over and wish her 'Happy Birthday' too - we share a celebration day!) made the top, and I backed it with fleece, bound and quilted it.  Another finished top for the charity pile from our quilting group.
I've also been 'back basting' in order to make some forward progress with my Love Entwined.
 I use freezer paper templates ironed onto the back of the fabric, a square of fabric on the front, and off I go with the sewing machine, sewing around the shape.

Then all I need to do is to cut around the stitching lines to leave the seam allowance before I'm ready to sew.

Nice and straightforward even if my applique skills haven't quite mastered getting some of the curves as smooth as I'd like them to be.

I'm not quite keeping up with the rate at which the BOM is being issued, but I'm still enjoying it!

My other crafting time has been spent making braids.  I can't quite get this text lined up with the photo, but there are five different types of braid in the snap, all part of my Module 9 'trimmings' samples.  I've got some more samples to sew for my next design, more hatbands to finish and a bit of paperwork to do, then I'll be able to submit it.  Probably two or three weeks until that point, though!


  1. Your LE is beautiful and interesting how you get your appliqué pieces down.
    Nice work Bunny

  2. I really like that spaghetti quilt--so nice and cozy...hugs, Julierose

  3. Happy birthday for what sounds like a fabulous and intense week for you! I'm interested in your applique technique, I must say I have never commited to a large project with this method but yours sure is looking wonderful, thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Happy Birthday and Anniversary :) I like the back-basting method, too. Usually I just do it by hand, but on really large things I use the machine. Nice, eh?

  5. Happy Anniversary too, didn't realise you got married near your birthday - we got married on Brian's! I'm intrigued about this appliqué, it looks great ! And so does the lasagne quilt (great name for it)


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