Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pointing out a Finish!

 Inspired by the lovely work of Anne Bebbington, and in particular by a triangle in a square quilt seen here, I decided to make my own version in grey, blue and pink for DD1's 'Brown Owl' who has been very patient and understanding over the years.  Anne was kind enough not only to say that I could copy her idea (thanks Anne!) but also to give me tips on construction  which made this a nice fast construction job.

It was a 'deadline quilt' as DD1 will move up from Brownies to Guides by leaping over the toadstool on Thursday night.
'Brown Owl' in our pack isn't actually called 'Brown Owl' by the girls.  She is called 'Dodo' - so this is my best attempt at a dodo on the run, which is how she must live her life in order to fit everything in!

I love the 'compass pointing' that the triangles do if you rotate the blocks.  I'm less certain about the placement of my silhouettes on the quilt, but wanted to put each of them on a dark space so that they showed up.  If I was making this again I'd have fused a dark fabric under the silhouette so that I could put them over block joins..... another learning experience!
I also added a Guiding trefoil.  On reflection, probably enough to get me thrown out of the Brownies for copyright infringement or some such.  I'll just have to hope that its taken in the right spirit as a one-off non-commercial item.

I hope that Dodo likes the quilt.  I'm pleased to say that the 'commissioning mother' was very pleased with last week's camera cushion cover.

Just a couple more sewing items to do (replacing elastic in slippers in time for DD2 to take them on a school residential trip tomorrow is top of the list - and I can hardly think of anything more tedious, to be honest!  At least that should be a relatively quick job!) and then I'll get back to my neglected college work (and perhaps a bit on Love Entwined, which made a tiny bit of progress this week, unphotographed though.


  1. Looks fab Plum - love the colour mix

  2. I'm sure Dodo will love it, it's really lovely

  3. This is really neat!! I can see the allure of the triangle in the square. It calls to me, too - too bad I have so much on my plate for what is sure to be f o r e v e r - - - ;D Nice job here.


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