Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The week of Seaweed!

 Now I realise that this doesn't look like much seaweed for a week, but in all honesty it's been a week and half...... and no, I can't quite work out how I've managed so little sewing either!

Each padded seaweed frond took me a total of almost an hour.  I'm pleased to say that the folded hexie flower was MUCH faster, but doesn't really relate to the seaside theme of the applique block that is still more in my head than made in fabric!

If you are interested these were the stages in seaweed production:  Machine sew around shape.  Cut and clip around shape.  Turn it right way out (a struggle with these tiny bladderwrack 'bobbles'!).  Stuff.  Sew up back.  Poke into best shape possible.

I'm pleased to say that my examples of shirring (I haven't shown you the duller straight shirring - pleased though I was with the effect!) were both fast and rewarding.  A girl needs some instant gratification, even when pursuing a hobby!

Funnily enough, I might have discarded shirring as a method of getting texture, as I'd never really understood about hand winding the shirring elastic onto the bobbin before I saw it on The Great British Sewing Bee!  Not that I saw them doing meander shirring like this, I hasten to add.

Isn't the texture fab?  I just need to stabilise this around the edge to make it entirely usable and quite exciting!

Hope that you are enjoying crafty fun this week, whether it be fast or slow!


  1. the texture fabric looks great, but i reallylove the seaweed, such a fab colour as well as a great shape!

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