Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Caddy Pockets Again!

 I'm still making non-block patchwork pockets for my sewing caddy!  Still using the fabrics that I chose last week, and still thinking that they look very spring like!
This one didn't photograph well, but it's a scoop shaped pocket which should be a useful shape.

This is the little needle case that  I've made to hang off the caddy.  Inside it's just got two leaves of felt and a popper to keep it all closed.  Simple but fun.

It doesn't look like much sewing has happened this week, and to be honest that would be a fair assessment.  On the other hand my DD's no longer share a room - my energy has been used up helping to move furniture around!

It has been quite sweet.  The old 'spare room' had 23 quilts on the walls in total, which all came down in order to present a blank canvas to the DD who was moving into it.  The girls sat down and looked at them all and have chosen a total of 18 quilts to go back onto their walls!  I'm quite touched.

Right, back to pocket construction!


  1. Oh gosh, that was a lot of work, lovely that they want to keep the quilts. How long until they end up in the same room chatting at bed time?


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