Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fall in love with these!

Isn't this gorgeous?  Difficult to see the shape properly, but you can see the beautiful fabric, can't you?  This fabuous bag is from my endlessly talented friend Avril, who has a second blog, 'Embrellish' where she talks about the bags, buttons and brooches that she makes to sell.
And this lovely brooch?  Another beautiful gift from the lovely Avril.

Hop on over and have a look (and then seek out 'Embrellish' on Etsy if you'd like to buy or commission something).  Alternatively, if you are local to Twickenham check out the library 'glass shelves' to see when her work appears, which I'm told it will be doing soon.  Buy something for yourself or a good friend, or drop heavy hints in time for Valentines day!

And this is what I've produced this week - my final sample to support a wall hanging design (yes, I'm back into the swing of my C&G again!).  Made in a silk mix, lots of greys, lots of different quilting patterns / applique styles.  Module 6 submitted this morning, so planning for Module 7 underway this afternoon.

It will all be fitted in around school holidays and other high days.
Quite a lot of hand work in this module, so I hope that my fingers behave themselves  as the samples required look like fun, and a bit different from what I usually do.


  1. Oh thanks for blogging about these Plum, really appreciate it.

    Your quilting is going from strength to super strength.

  2. Lovely stuff - Twickenham here I come.

  3. Oooh, I keep forgettingo visit her other blog, thanks for the reminder. Are you feeling up for Monday?


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