Thursday, 14 February 2013

Colour Play

The lovely Avril ran a transfer dye workshop for our quilting group this week - a brilliant chance to dabble in using the papers that she'd prepared for us by ironing them onto poly-cotton pieces.

These are just a couple of the dozen or so pieces that I've created this week, using a few  extra bits of paper that she kindly let me bring home  One of my favourite things was using bits of paper as a resist, but then being able to use the 'resist' for colouring something on the next piece.  Or things like the effect on this piece (right) which uses purple strips which have previously been used in a paper weaving transfer, so have different depths of dye left on them.....

Almost endless possibilities!

I haven't got any transfer dyes at home, but I have got transfer dye crayons, which had been stuck at the back of the cupboard for more years than I cared to think.  I got them out too, and used more bits of poly cotton to create some fun bits of fabric.

This bit is probably my favourite so far, as I can easily see how I could make this to a size that I wanted and then embellish it with beads and hand sewing.....  Although I might pay a bit more attention to which colours were going where!


  1. These look really good Plum. I'm so glad you've continued to experiment with the papers.

  2. Great experimenting - your 'love' is mine too!


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