Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What do you think?

So what do you think?  What chance have i got of finishing these items and ending up with a cute little zip purse (and when I say little, I mean tiny - it might be big enough to hold a single ring so long as the ring isn't too big!).  There are some lovely 'macaron' purses on the web at the moment - like the ones shown with this tutorial at craft passion.  Perhaps I'll have a finished purse to show you next week (or perhaps I'll have decided that tiny stitches are too challenging to make a neat job of!).
If you've got a few moments spare, rather than taxing your eyes and fingers with unfeasibily small purses, why not go and vote for 'A Gift of Quilts' in the Epic Awards?
I didn't join in with this project to make these larger quilts, but I took part in a project to try and make an A3 sized pennant for each competitor in the Olympics / Paralympics last year - and as I don't think that I ever showed the pennants on this blog (and to be honest, I can't find a photo of the third one that I made!) I thought that I'd show them now.
Anyway, if you'd like to vote for the project and the way that it encouraged people to join in, then please scroll down this page until you find 'A Gift of Quilts' (fourth line down, right hand side) and click on the hand to give a green 'thumbs up'.  If you like you can entertain yourselves by doing that every day until voting closes on the 30th January - you are allowed one vote every day!


  1. Oh my goodness me! Those are tiny! Finish it!!! And let's see :)

  2. I voted Plum!
    I'll try and remember to vote again!

  3. Fab pennants Plum.

    Hmmmm, I did look at that tutorial and decided that life was too short, my fingers too stiff and the light too poor right now for me make one of those purses. I love the idea though!

  4. I wrote off the purse idea as I don't do zips, and then I read their size - youre loosing your marbles my dear! The penants look great, and I'm off to vote now. Happy Thursday

  5. Too tiny to contemplate.
    Beautiful pennants. I shall vote now. x


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