Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My One Top Tip for Needleworkers.

So what is this one top tip?  It's this.  Don't - actually, let me rephrase that - DO NOT eat Jaffa Cakes at your sewing machine unless you can guarantee that you will be able to keep all the small fragments of chocolate from melting on the side of your hand and transferring themselves to your hitherto pure white quilting......


Actually, I do have one more needleworking tip:  even if you think that you are going to pick up your cross stitch again in a couple of hours, I recommend that you store the needle either in a needle case, or really close to the edge of the fabric, NOT either in or close to the stitches that you are making.  Otherwise, if, say you 'file' piece of work for 10 years and then want to finish and frame it, you may find that you have two unattractive rust dots on the fabric to deal with.  Go on, guess how I know (and then don't wonder that the lovely 'Australian Alphabet' I stitched some time ago has such narrow borders within the frame).

Turning away from those warnings, though (and perhaps picking up some bicarb in order to get rid of the chocolate mark) maybe these sampler pieces will encourage you to get quilting too?  These patterns are all made with the walking foot (rather than free motion quilting).  Hmmm.  Pieces?  just the one, I'm afraid.  The other sample photo that I wanted to load doesn't seem to be playing nicely with blogger, so you'll just have to wait until another day to see that one.  Only one sampler piece after all.  Oh well, more sewing to show you next time instead, whilst I go off and have a mini-celebration for passing Mod 5 of my C&G course!


  1. Well done on the module Plum. I have a Jaffa cake in hand right now - but no quilts near it, white or otherwise! Lovely stitching.

  2. Oh dear, Jaffa cake spots *and* rust, that quilt doesn't want to be white does it? Looks fab in the photo though! Congrats on the Pass, see you Sunday x x

  3. You made me smile this morning Plum, I will try to keep the Jaffa cakes under control (on all levels!) Have a good day.

  4. You passed Mod 5 - wow brilliant news congratulations!! Such a great feeling isn't it when you pass a module! x


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